Energy FM 106.7

Energy FM 106.7

“Huwag Mong Sabihin Radio, Sabihin Mo Energy!”

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The Vision of Energy FM 106.7 is to be the number one radio broadcasting network in the Philippines, and the Mission is to amuse, educate, and enlighten radio listeners nationally. Instilling Filipino values in today’s youth. To have a beneficial impact on people’s life. To promote the importance of social responsibility. With Disk Jockey Tita Cora, Iska, Baby Toby, Lindsay, Papa Jackson, Kara, Jimbo, Sheena, Kapitana Sisa.

Radio Contact

Address: DWET Energy FM 106.7, E-Square Building North,, San Juan, Philippines

Phone Number: +63 2 633 3249

Country: Philippines, Manila





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