Pinoy Radio Lounge is a Filipino community radio station that broadcasts a variety of entertainment such as advertisements, news and current affairs and music, provided by our partner online radio stations in the Philippines. Pinoy Radio Lounge gives you the best listening experience which guarantees our listeners are introduced to something fresh, whatever your taste in music is.

We are offering a wide range of music and entertainment to Filipinos worldwide! Pinoy Radio Lounge gives you regular updates and an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with the latest news or programs in the Philippines.

Pinoy Radio Lounge provides you the opportunity to listen to the best radio stations in the Philippines in one click and instant playback with premium quality in our application. With experienced and skillful DJs from different online radio stations who will cater your request, expect a soulful music of your choice!

This site provides companionship to OFWs living and working abroad. It is a good site for everyone to chat, have fun, relax, spend time and meet new friends all over the world while listening to your favorite music!

The majority of our listeners is Filipinos across the globe, with a percentage of 94.9%, mostly working and residing abroad with citizenship or permanent residence, as well as OFWs—government and private offices, NGOs, hospitals, law firms, clinics, call centers, production departments, industries/factories, faculties, Internet cafes, groceries and department stores, canteens and restaurants, and more!

Whether you are in the Philippines, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Qatar, Japan, Singapore, Bahrain, the UK or anywhere in the world, Pinoy Lounge Radio is just one click away. It offers convenience and easy access to its listeners. Some listeners are smart phone device users (both iOS and Android) and other are home based listeners.

Pinoy Radio Lounge offers a selection and an up to date list of the best online radio stations in the Philippines! With just one click, you can listen to the top local stations anywhere in the world! You can choose from:
1.) Pinoy Hit Radio – http://www.pinoyhitradio.net/
2.) Pinoy Dream Radio – http://www.pinoydreamradio.com/
3.) RLite Fm 101.6 – http://rlitefm.net/
4.) V-hive Radio Station – http://www.vhiveradioph.com/
5.) Online Love Radio – http://www.onlineloveradio.tk/
6.) 93.7 SOFW Radio Tambayan – http://samahangofwtambayan.blogspot.com/
7.) Pinoy Myx Online Radio – http://pinoymyx-onlineradio.blogspot.hk/
8.) GO-RADIO 96.4 – http://www.goradio964.com/
9.) Freedom Online Radio DXFR 104.1 – http://www.freedomonlineradio.com/
10.) 11.22 TOFF FM RADIO – http://ironeaglefmradio.com/

Don’t miss the chance of bringing the taste of home at your fingertips!
Pinoy Radio Lounge: Ang pinagsama-samag Pinoy radio station.