My Guardian Alien April 30 2024

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My Guardian Alien
GENRE: Science fiction drama
Story line: 
“My Guardian Alien” is a television program produced by GMA Network that centers around the story of a guardian angel who takes on the guise of a human to fulfill their mission of protecting and guiding their assigned charge. The show likely explores themes of friendship, love, and the supernatural, as the guardian alien navigates the complexities of human life while striving to fulfill their duty. Through various adventures and encounters, the show may depict the challenges and triumphs of the guardian alien as they strive to safeguard their human charge from harm and help them navigate life’s challenges.
Cast: Marian Rivera, Gabby Concepcion, Max Collins, Gabby Eigenmann, Raphael Landicho, Kiray Celis, Arnold Reyes as Minggoy, Tanya Gomez as Isay, Tart Carlos as Karen, Marissa Delgado as Nova Soriano, Christian Antolin as Sputnik, Josh Ford as Aries, Caitlyn Stave as Halley del Rosario, Sean Lucas as Kevin, Kirst Viray as Delfin
Directed By: Zig Dulay
Networks: GMA Network

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